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3M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGS-12 Small, bulk

UPC#: 0-51115-63525-0 3M ID: 70006734720
Price: $287.64
Case/ 12 Pairs

3M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGS is a small, grey and black synthetic suede work glove that features 3M™ Gripping Material GM110 sewn into the palm and fingers of the glove.

3M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGS small, is an industrial work glove designed to enhance and improve traction and grip, for applications where getting a grip is a performance advantage. Made from a durable synthetic suede material, 3M™ Gripping Material Work Glove WGS features padded fingers and thumbs tips for protection, expansion areas on finger backs and knuckles for comfort, and offers a snug elastic wrist band with adjustable closure.

Please note: Sizes are determined by measuring the circumference of the hand with a tape measure in inches just below the knuckles with the hand closed. As a general rule, a small = 7-½ to 8 inches, medium 8-½ to 9 inches, large 9-½ to 10 inches and extra large 10-½ to 11 inches. These are only guidelines because no two hands are shaped alike. The many variables in length, width and shape make this an imperfect science.