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3M™ PPS™ Adapter 9, 16016

3M™ PPS™ Adapter 9, 16016
UPC#: 0-51131-16016-33M ID: 60980107415
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Adapter converts paint spray guns for use with the 3M™ Paint Preparation System requiring 16 mm Female, 1.5 mm Thread. If using Sata spray guns, click on Full Description in 3M electronic catalog for more information.

Option #1 Sata NR-2000 QCC & RP QCC models require Sata Quick Connector Cup Adaptor 96-719 to use with PPS Adaptor 16016, Type 9, if the original cup is plastic.

Option # 2 If the original cup is aluminum, remove adaptor from the base of the aluminum cup and re-insert into gun. Insert PPS Adaptor 16006, Type 5.