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3M™ High Strength Lens Repair Film Red, 03341, 3.75 in x 7.75 in

UPC#: 0-51131-03341-2 3M ID: 60455070296
Price: $10.99
Features and Benefits:
  • Flexible film repairs flat or curved truck and car tail lights and signal lights
  • Weatherproof and airtight seal helps block rain, snow and dirt
  • Quick and easy to use repair film is less expensive than replacement tail lights
  • Strong adhesive backing resists loosening from tail lights
  • Also available in Clear and Amber for both rear lights and turn signals

3M™ High-Strength Red Lens Repair Film fixes broken car and truck tail lights, signal lights, and other automotive lenses.

The strong adhesive backing repairs cracked and broken tail lights with a weatherproof and airtight seal, helping prevent further damage to the lens interior and electrical components. The flexible plastic adheres easily to flat or curved lens surfaces on either rear lights or turn signals. For quick and easy repairs, simply cut the film to size, remove the adhesive liner, and apply to the broken automotive light lens. This simple solution provides a semi-permanent lens repair that is less expensive than replacement taillights or turn signal lenses.

Quick and easy repair
For anyone wondering how to fix a broken tail light, it is good to know that this automotive lens repair film is simple to use with basic how-to car repair skills. This easy to use lens repair film helps prevent expensive future damage caused by moisture and dust. Simply cut the film to size, remove the liner, and press the film in place to complete the repair. This simple repair requires no specialty tools to complete.

Color and texture matching
Because the appearance of your vehicle is important, 3M High-Strength Lens Repair Film is designed to best match the texture and color of your vehicle?s lens. This clear film may be used on both red and amber lenses.

Directions for Use

  1. Remove any loose pieces from the broken area of the lens. Clean the repair area using 3M™ Adhesive Remover (PN 03618).
  2. The repair film should be cut large enough to overlap the repair by about 1/2 inch on all sides to ensure good adhesion of the film. Hold the repair film up to the damaged area and lightly trace the amount of film needed for the repair with a marker.
  3. Using scissors cut the film to size. Hold the cut piece up to the damaged area before removing backing to ensure correct size. Note: For curved surfaces, before removing backing, roll and shape the film in your hands for 60 seconds. This will help form the film to the curve prior to installation.
  4. Peel backing off repair film and center over damaged area.
  5. Press firmly and evenly across all areas of the film to ensure good adhesion and prevent moisture and dirt from entering the lamp.

Product Details
7 3/4 Inch
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