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    Conformable polypropylene for sealing of heavy-duty corrugated boxes. Rubber resin adhesive bonds at 30-40(deg)F, and maintains closure below 32(deg)F. Environmental compliance with ASTM D1974-92. USDA acceptable.
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    Polypropylene tape with high initial adhesion for applications involving hard-to-stick surfaces such as recycled corrugated, or coated polyethylene. Tensile strength of 30 lb/inch in machine direction; 60 lb/inch cross direction.
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    A polypropylene tape with 10% bio-based materials in the adhesive.
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    3M™ Black Masking Tape 2510 is a general purpose masking tape for holding, bundling, sealing and general paint masking where a dark colored tape is required.
  5. Starting at: $507.84

    Strong polyester tape to instantly seal double and triple walled corrugated cartons including those with high recycled content. Tensile strength of 45 lb/inch in machine direction; 65 lb/inch cross direction. Water resistant.
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    Scotch® Box Sealing Tape 313 is a clear polypropylene box sealing tape with an acrylic adhesive.
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    General purpose, utility box sealing for light to medium weight boxes. Acrylic adhesive offers good performance over broad temperature ranges, specifically in colder and damper applications, and adheres to recycled fiberboard. Tensile strength: 25 lb/in.
  8. $107.04
    Scotch® Box Sealing Tape 371 is a valued performance polypropylene film box sealing tape.
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    Scotch® Box Sealing Tape 371 is a valued performance polypropylene film box sealing tape.
  10. $979.20
    Clear polyester tape for box sealing, recouperage and other demanding applications in a variety of environments. Meets Fed. Spec. PPP-T-60E, Amend. 2, Type III, Class 2 (clear), CID A-A-1830B (clear) for use as government certification tape.

11-20 of 43