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Bondo® Professional Gold Body Repair Kit, 01313, Quart

UPC#: 0-51131-01313-1 3M ID: 60455054936
Price: $21.49
Features and Benefits:
  • Kit includes 32 ounces of Professional Gold Body Filler, cream hardener, self-adhesive metal body patch, spreader, and step-by-step instructions to fix dents, holes, and scratches
  • Recommended for use on vehicles 1998 or newer where double-coated galvanized steel is present
  • Includes cream hardener
  • Great for use on galvanized e-coat surfaces, wood, metal, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, epoxy, and masonry and compatible with all paint systems

Use what the pros use. The secret to this product is its superior adhesion properties which allow a bond to form to double-coated galvanized steel present in newer vehicles. Bondo

Product Details
Container Volume
1 Liquid Quart(US)