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3M™ Fire Block Sealant FB 136, 10.1 fl. oz., Cartridge

3M™ Fire Block Sealant FB 136, 10.1 fl. oz., Cartridge
UPC#: 0-51115-16591-73M ID: 98040056263
Case / 12 Cartridges
Product Details


  • Easy clean up with water
  • Thixotropic (will not sag or run in vertical or overhead applications)
  • Halogen-free
  • Tack-free in approximately 15 minutes
  • Applied with standard caulking gun or trowel (high caulk rate)


A versatile, one component, water-based, non-combustible draft, smoke and fireblocking sealant, designed to resist high temperatures and smoke passage in non-rated construction. Meets ASTM E 136 noncombustibility requirements. Gray color, no mixing required.

Extended Description

Product can be installed with a standard caulking gun or it can be easily applied with a putty knife or trowel. 3M™ Fire Block Sealant FB 136 will bond to concrete, brick, metals, wood, plastic, and cable jacketing. 3M™ Fire Block Sealant FB 136 meets current International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC), International Residential Mechanical Code, International Fuel Gas Code and NFPA 5000 draft, smoke and fireblocking requirements.