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3M™ GPFMA13 Gold Laptop Privacy Filter for Apple® Macbook Air® 13-inch

UPC#: 0-51128-82654-6 3M ID: 98044056962
Price: $82.68
Features and Benefits:
  • 3M™ GPFMA13 Gold Laptop Privacy Filter for Apple® MacBook Air® 13-inch
  • Actual filter dimensions are 7-1/16" high x 11-1/25" wide
  • Provides twice the level of effective privacy as 3M`s standard black out privacy filters
  • Users see more clearly than ever while on-lookers see nothing but a vibrant golden screen
  • Testing shows clarity is higher than competitive privacy filters
  • More scratch and scuff-resistant than competitive filters - looks good longer, keeps clarity high
  • Reversible, with gold on one side and black on the other
  • Protects your screen from dust and dirt
  • Application adhesive specially formulated for display screens

3M™ GPFMA13 Gold Laptop Privacy Filter for the Apple® MacBook Air® 13-inch allows you to work privately in public places. 3M™ privacy technology darkens on-screen data when viewed from the side and provides higher clarity than competitive filters. The filter aplication system features an optically clear adhesive designed specifically for display screens. Testing proves that, when kept clean, filter can be repositioned hundreds of times.

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Warranty Period
1 Year from Date of Purchase (US)