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Scotch® Ultimate Paint Edge Masking Tape 2460 Gold, 1/2 in x 60 yd, Bulk

UPC#: 0-51111-91672-8 3M ID: 70006703048
Price: $321.84
Case/ 72 Rolls

2460 flatback tape features a unique acrylic adhesive technology. 2460 is for paint bake operations at temps up to 300F, peels off cleanly with no adhesive residue. The thin backing produces a low paint ridge resulting in sharp smooth lines. Color:Gold

Extended Description

2460 is a flatback tape featuring a unique hybrid adhesive technology. 2460 can be used in paint bake operations for temps up to 300F. The thin backing produces a low paint ridge and results in sharp smooth lines, yet strong enough to pull through paint and caulk. It is versatile and can handle many challenges.Distinctive Gold color allows for easy identification and eliminates taping errors. Used in array of industrial and construction applications for painting, masking, identification, and holding. A water-based adhesive it is ideal for customers seeking out environmentally preferable solutions. Adhesion to steel: 9oz./in.width. Tensile: 17lbs/in. Tape thickness: 3.3 mils. Temp range: 300F for 30 minutes; removes cleanly. Color: Gold

Product Details
Adhesion To Steel Oz/in (n/100 mm)
9 (9.8)
Adhesive Material
Backing Material
Flatback Paper
5 Percent
Maximum Operating Temperature (celsius)
149 Degree Celsius
Maximum Operating Temperature (fahrenheit)
300 Degree Fahrenheit
Product Form
Shelf Life
12 Month
Tensile Strength Lb/in (n/100 mm)
17 (297)
3.3 Milli-inch (mil)
Time At Maximum Temperature
30 Minute