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Scotch® Filament Tape 8915 Clear, 24 mm x 110 m

Scotch® Filament Tape 8915 Clear, 24 mm x 110 m
UPC#: 0-48011-53951-53M ID: 70006356144

Important Notice

Please note that this item is for industrial / professional use ONLY. Consumer, household or retail use is not permitted.

Case / 36 Rolls
Product Details


  • Synthetic rubber adhesive bonds firmly to a wide variety of application surfaces
  • High strength filament reinforced tape for demanding applications
  • Markets: Appliance, electronics, general industrial, metal working and glass manufacturing
  • Applications: Clean removal, filament reinforced strapping tape, shipping, holding, securing, keeping closed and stabilizing


High performance. Polypropylene backing reinforced with glass filaments to hold appliance components during manufacturing and shipping. Typical 170 lb/inch width tensile strength with clean removal adhesive.

Extended Description

Stiff, heavy polypropylene backing is easy to handle and dispense. Provides excellent resistance to nicks, abrasion, moisture and scuffing. Specially formulated rubber resin adhesive bonds with high initial adhesion. Resists stains on most surfaces. Applications:- Extensive use in the appliance industry to hold doors and interior parts stationary during handling and shipping. Typical Physical Properties:- Low 3% elongation at break to help keep components tightly positioned.- 60 oz/inch adhesion to steel.- Bar codes, type and graphics show through translucent backing.- Standard widths: 12, 18, 24, 36, 42, 60, and 72 mm

Backed Yes
Backing Material Polypropylene Film
Backing Type Polypropylene Film
Color Clear
Core Size 3 Inch
Diameter 6.60037
Elongation 3 Percent
Product Form Roll
Tape Construction Single Coat
Tape Type Filament
Tensile Strength Lb/in (n/100 mm) 170 (2980)
Thickness 6 Milli-inch (mil)
Product Title