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Scotch-Brite™ Fryer and Kitchen Cleaning Tool 905

Scotch-Brite™ Fryer and Kitchen Cleaning Tool 905
UPC#: 0-51125-85709-83M ID: 70071657012
Cleaning Tool
Product Details


This universal cleaning tool is designed to make cleaning a variety of commercial kitchen surfaces easier and safer. The lightweight, durable tool adjusts to three different positions and can be used with any of the three interchangeable cleaning pads.

Extended Description

For use with Scotch-Brite™ Heavy Duty Gray Cleaning Pad 901, Scotch-Brite™ Medium Duty Green Cleaning Pad 902, and Scotch-Brite™ Low Scratch Blue Cleaning Pad 903. Designed to clean fryers, other kitchen equipment/surfaces, and hard-to-reach areas. Pad locks into place and can be quickly removed after use. Dishwasher safe.

Brand 3M
Color Black