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Scotch® Appliance Filament Tape 8916V Blue, 48 mm x 55 m

Scotch® Appliance Filament Tape 8916V Blue, 48 mm x 55 m
UPC#: 0-21200-42388-83M ID: 70006273208

Important Notice

Please note that this item is for industrial / professional use ONLY. Consumer, household or retail use is not permitted.

Case / 24 Rolls
Product Details


  • Synthetic rubber adhesive bonds firmly to a wide variety of application surfaces
  • High strength filament reinforced tape for demanding applications
  • Markets: Appliance, electronics, general industrial, metal working and glass manufacturing
  • Applications: Clean removal, filament reinforced strapping tape, shipping, holding, securing, keeping closed and stabilizing


Appliance-grade adhesive specially formulated for clean removal from most substrates. Glass yarn filaments and a polypropylene film backing offer a good balance of tensile strength, nick resistance, abrasion, and good handling.

Backed Yes
Backing Material Polypropylene Film
Backing Type Polypropylene Film
Color Blue
Core Size 3 Inch
Diameter 5.20228
Elongation 3 Percent
Product Form Roll
Tape Construction Single Coat
Tape Type Filament
Tensile Strength Lb/in (n/100 mm) 170 (2980)
Thickness 6 Milli-inch (mil)
Product Title