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    Scotch-Blue™ Industrial Advantage Masking Tape 2750 is a high performance crepe paper masking tape designed to be used in a medium temperature paint bake operations. The tape is designed to have strong holding to most surfaces resulting in sharp paint line with both solvent and latex based paints.
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    A medium temperature paint masking tape with excellent control unwind for use in masking and holding applications where temperatures reach 250F (121C) up to 1 hour. A general purpose paper masking tape designed to be used in medium temperature paint bake operation.
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    Natural colored, 7.6 mil (0.19 mm) smooth crepe paper tape with rubber adhesive. Designed to perform well in most industrial painting situations, including the use of bake cycles up to 300F (149C). Well suited for painting on automobiles, aircraft, trucks, boats, and fabricated parts.
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    Scotch® Performance Masking Tape 2380. Designed for industrial paint masking applications. Provides excellent holding power and paint flake resistance. Can be removed hot, warm or cold from most surfaces without adhesive transfer.

4 Item(s)