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3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film

3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film
UPC#: 0-51115-90000-63M ID: 60455071310
Product Details


  • Removable and safe for clear coat.
  • Contains one can of Paint Defender Spray Film 17.5 ounces and one 1 ounce packet of 3M Performance Finish Synthetic Wax.
  • Protects for over 1 year.
  • Protects any painted surface such as hoods, bumpers, fenders, mirrors, rocker panels, and more.


3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film provides protection where it matters. Defend your vehicle's paint from rock chips, bugs, sand, salt, and other everyday driving hazards with this innovative spray-applied protective product.

This durable film defends your paint for over 1 year from chips, scratches and more. The product is safe for clear coat, and can be easily and cleanly removed by hand. Keep your vehicle looking newer longer with 3M™ Paint Defender Spray Film.