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  1. $2.49
    Excellent for cleanup just before painting. Use to remove dirt, lint, dust and sanding particles from metal, plastic, fiberglass and wood. Use again and again. Stays soft. Non-toxic.
  2. $181.56
    Prep gel that is designed to clean, degrease and abrade automotive surfaces prior to painting.
  3. $127.32
    Clear adhesive that is used for attaching lightweight trim material such as upholstery cloth and trunk liners to metal and other surfaces. May be used to bond Styrofoam. Ideal for position bonding applications where mechanical fasteners will be used.
  4. $586.46
    Diluter is pre-set to automatically mix three 3M™ Detailing Products. Products include 3M™ Car Wash Soap at 1:100 ratio, 3M™ All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser at 1:15 ratio (exterior/heavy cleaning)and 3M™ Glass Cleaner at 1:8 ratio.
  5. $5.49
    Bondo® File Blade is used in conjunction with out 3-Position File Holder (Part # 101)
  6. $6.24
    Low friction sleeve. To be placed over the blue or gold squeegees (parts 71601 and 71602) to protect the film surface when applying graphics or striping. PN71603, White, 5/Set
  7. $47.37
    Pen-like tool that is used to release air bubbles in vehicle striping, graphics, or paint protection film. PN71608, 1 Pen and 1 Replacement Tip/Set. Additional replacement tips available, Part Number 71609.
  8. $388.06
    Portable masker designed to dispense 3M™ Overspray Protective Sheeting, part numbers 06727, 06728 and 06742. Can be used horizontally, vertically, or wall mounted.
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    High-density, tear-resistant, clear durable film that is treated for excellent paint overspray adhesion. Use with Masker PN 06780.
  10. Starting at: $7.91

    Applicator squeegee that is made from a flexible material recommended for paint protection film application.

1-10 of 30

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