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3M™ Multi-Touch Display C2254PW (22")

3M™ Multi-Touch Display C2254PW (22")
UPC#: 0-51119-96383-03M ID: 98000336010

Important Notice

Please note that this item is for industrial / professional use ONLY. Consumer, household or retail use is not permitted.

Product Details


The 22-inch 3M™ Multi-Touch Display C2254PW combines a 3M Projected Capacitive touchscreen that delivers an ultra-fast, accurate, and precise 20 finger touch response, with a high-definition, wide viewing angle LCD, to create a multi-touch chassis for your next generation interactive application. The rugged all steel frame and a highly-durable glass front surface provide the durability needed for demanding public use environments.

Extended Description

Full Multi-touch Capabilities

  • 20 finger multi-touch input
  • Fast 6 millisecond touch response
  • Enables next-generation interactive software applications well beyond two touch expectations
  • Anti-stiction surface enhances the user experience for simple and advanced gestures
  • Native multi-touch support with Windows 7
  • Supports Windows XP and Linux Operating systems
Versatile Rugged Chassis Design
  • All steel construction provides rugged frame for public use environments
  • Slim profile for fit into compact enclosures
  • Multiple mounting options (100mm VESA Mount and Side Brackets)
  • Small form factor enables retrofit capabilities
Display Designed for Multi-Touch Applications
  • 1680x1050 high definition resolution
  • Ultra-wide horizontal/vertical viewing angle (178 degrees) allows outstanding off-axis viewing
  • High contrast delivers sharp brilliant image quality