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Post-it® Notebook Tabs ED-TABS2, 1-inch

Post-it® Notebook Tabs ED-TABS2, 1-inch
UPC#: 0-51141-37882-43M ID: 70005236792
Product Details


  • Accomplish more when your notes are organized!
  • Extra thick and strong to stand up to long-term wear and tear
  • Easily create sections in text books, notebooks and planners
  • Reposition and move them as needed without tearing or damaging pages
  • One inch wide with bright colorful area for labeling
  • Three colors to create a coding or organizing system - teal, lime, and pink
  • Twelve tabs in each color; total of 36 tabs in the pack
  • Mark sections in your books and notes with Post-it® Notebook Tabs

Extended Description

Post-it® Notebook Tabs help to keep you organized. Create sections in your books and notebooks so it is easy to find the sections you need to read, study and review. Create your own color coding system with the Post-it® Study collection. Pack contains three bright colors of 1-inch Notebook Tabs - total of 36 tabs.