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3M™ Speedglas™ Blazed Welding Helmet 100 with Auto-Darkening Filter 100V, Welding Safety 07-0012-31BZ/37233(AAD)

3M™ Speedglas™ Blazed Welding Helmet 100 with Auto-Darkening Filter 100V, Welding Safety 07-0012-31BZ/37233(AAD)
UPC#: 0-51131-37233-73M ID: 70071533734
Product Details


  • Shades 8-12
  • 3 Levels of Sensitivity
  • Recommended for Stick, MIG and TIG >10 AMP welding processes


The Speedglas 100 blazed welding helmet with 100V auto-darkening filter delivers outstanding protection, comfort and performance for Stick, MIG and most TIG welding processes. Its distinct design and adjustable shade can help increase welding performance.

Speedglas auto-darkening filters turn dark the moment an arc is struck and return to light state (shade 3) when welding stops, maintaining constant UV/IR protection and excellent optical quality. User selectable dark shades 8 through 12 and viewing area of 6.05 sq.in. Silicone coating protects critical electrical components, while digital controls are protected by sealed membranes. A custom, programmed logic chip increases reliability and arc detection capability. Filter elements are bonded with optical adhesive for minimum distortion and maximum strength.

Extended Description

3M personal protective equipment sold through Shop3M.com is only intended for US occupational workplace use. This 3M personal protective equipment must be used in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standard (29 CFR 1910.132) and all other applicable health and safety standards, as well as all user instructions, warnings and limitations accompanying each product. It is essential that all product user instructions and government regulations on the use of each product be followed in order for the product to help protect the wearer. Misuse of personal protective equipment may result in injury, sickness, or death. For correct product selection and use, individuals should consult their on-site safety professional or industrial hygienist. For additional product information, visit www.3M.com/PPESafety.

Adf Dark State Shades Variable 8-12
Adf Size (approx) 5.25-6.00
Brand Speedglas
Number Of Sensors 2
Product Type ADF Welding Helmet
Sensitivity 3 levels (TIG>10A & MIG/MAG, Stick)
Viewing Area Height 1.73 Inch
Viewing Area Width 3.66 Inch
Visor Type Auto-Darkening Filter