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3M™ All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser, 38350, 1 Gallon (US)

UPC#: 0-51131-38350-0 3M ID: 60980108496
Price: $244.72
Case/ 4 Gallons

Cleans dirt stains and soils from carpets, fabric and leather upholstery. For general cleaning, add 1 part concentrate to 30 parts water. For heavy cleaning or stain pre-spotting, add 1 part product to 15 parts water.

Extended Description

3M™ All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser is a heavy duty cleaner concentrate designed for both interior and exterior vehicle cleaning applications. 3M™ All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser removes oil, grease, and other tough soils from vehicle engines, tires, wheels, and other heavily soiled exterior vehicle surfaces, and is very effective for removing insect residue from the fronts of vehicles. 3M™ All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser also cleans and removes soils and most stains from carpet, fabric upholstery, vinyl, leather, and other interior vehicle surfaces.

Product Details
Container Volume
1 Gallon (US)