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Empore™ MPC-SD Deep Well Plate

Empore™ MPC-SD Deep Well Plate
UPC#: 7-07387-56216-33M ID: 70200739806
Case / 12 Plates
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  • This mixed phase chemistry, in which two primary modes of attraction are present, allows for a more efficient and selective extraction compared to traditional reversed phase techniques.
  • Neutral and ionized analytes can be simultaneously extracted from a complex mixture and eluted as separate fractions. A mixed phase sorbent offers the following advantages:
  • Eluting acidic and neutral analytes separately from basic analytes
  • Selecting specific chemical interactions by nature of solvent and pH optimization to yield a more efficient extraction
  • Providing cleaner chromatograms by allowing contaminants either to pass through or be retained on the sorbent


Mixed phase cation sorbent is a silica based particle that has been bonded with both a reversed phase group (octyl) and a strong cation exchange group.