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Electrical Tapes & Mastics

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  1. $22.53
    This 45 mil sealant roll is self-fusing, rubber-based thin insulating mastic compounds laminated to a flexible, with an all-weather grade PVC backing.
  2. $14.13
    This black electrical grade, rubber-based, self-fusing insulating putty is supplied in tape form.
  3. Starting at: $9.61

    This is a black 65 mil conformable self-fusing rubber electrical insulating and sealing tape.
  4. Starting at: $7.44

    This is a highly conformable, linerless Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR), high-voltage insulating tape that provides excellent thermal dissipation of splice heat.
  5. Starting at: $31.68

    This is a 8 mil, yellow, varnish coated cotton cloth with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  6. Starting at: $28.17

    This is a 7 mil, yellow, varnished coated cotton cloth without an adhesive.
  7. Starting at: $4.76

    This is a 125 mil conformable, durable, tacky mastic with an easy release liner for easy applications over irregular surfaces for excellent moisture resistance.
  8. Starting at: $750.78

    3M™ Lead Foil Tape 421 Dark Silver, 6.3 mil (0.16 mm) lead foil backing with a green rubber adhesive.
  9. $63.12
    This is a 6 mil general purpose easy tear vinyl duct tape. This tape is used for general holding and bundling.
  10. $213.90
    This is a 7 mil woven glass cloth tape with a silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. UL Recognized 180

1-10 of 15

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