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Bondo® Rotted Wood Repair Kit, 20178

UPC#: 0-76308-20178-4 3M ID: 60455068597
Price: $31.99
Features and Benefits:
  • Complete a rotted wood repair 6X faster than leading market competitor
  • Stainable and paintable repair
  • Non-shrinking and water resistant
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Includes 6 oz Bondo® Wood Filler with spreader and hardener, 3 oz Bondo® Rotted Wood Restorer, 80 and 180 grit 3M™ Sandpaper, step-by-step instructions

All inclusive kit has everything you need to repair rotted wood. Save time and money by repairing wood rot yourself with the the Bondo® Rotted Wood Repair Kit.

Extended Description

The Bondo® Rotted Wood Repair Kit comes with everything you need to repair rotted wood. This kit is bringing professional results to your doorstep. Just follow the supplied step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process of goingfrom damaged wood to a smooth, solid finish.

Included in the kit, the Bondo® Rotted Wood Restorer solidifies soft and spongy wood by penetrating into the surface, creating a firm base that you can repair and fill in only two hours.

The kit also includes a 2-part Bondo® Wood Filler which is medium brown in color, can be sanded in only 15 minutes and is both stainable and paintable. Unlike slower drying water or solvent based wood fillers that cure by evaporation, Bondo® Wood Filler chemically cross links to cure for a faster, more durable repair. Bondo® Wood Filler is non-shrinking, permanent and exceptionally strong. The secret is in the 2-part technology. When the filler and hardener are mixed, a reaction occurs which allows the filler to chemically bond to the surface you are repairing. This technological advantage of a 2-part wood filler also allows the product to cure quickly and adhere permanently to the repaired surface. For more advanced repairs, Bondo® Wood Filler can be applied in layers to rebuild rotted or missing pieces of wood. With this interior and exterior use wood filler, you no longer have to replace damaged trim or furniture with pieces of wood that do not match. Save time by making same-day, professional repairs. Save money by completing the repair yourself.

Finish the repair by sanding the filler to an ultra-smooth surface with the 80 and 180 grit 3M(TM) Performance Sandpapers.

Common applications or damaged wood areas include:
- Window sills
- Rotted furniture
- Exterior wood trim such as door frames, jambs, soffits and fascia
- Fences and posts
- Decks
- Garage doors
- Wood siding
- Floors
- Exterior wood columns, doors and flower boxes and more

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