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Bondo® Ultimate® Filler, 1022, 1 Quart (US) Can (Net Wt 1 lb 10 oz)

Bondo® Ultimate® Filler, 1022, 1 Quart (US) Can (Net Wt 1 lb 10 oz)
UPC#: 0-76308-01022-53M ID: 70008000419
Product Details


  • Superior adhesion and workability
  • Sands in only 20 minutes and won't clog sandpaper
  • Includes cream hardener
  • Great for use on galvanized e-coat surfaces, wood, metal, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, epoxy, and masonry and compatible with all paint systems


Work smarter, not harder with this performance body filler. Exhibiting super smooth application, sanding and feather-edging, Bondo® Ultimate Body Filler is in a league of its own. This filler is stain-free, remains easy to sand for days, and can be applied without having to sand down to bare metal. Make your next project that much easier with Bondo® Ultimate Body Filler.

Extended Description

Allows for application without sanding to bare metal. Sandable in only 20 minutes and is compatible with all paint systems. Filler remains easy to sand for days after the application and doesn't clog sand paper. Can be applied to sanded and cured primer and paint. Includes Blue Cream Hardener.

Application Temperature 45 to 110 Degree Fahrenheit
Brand Bondo
Color Off-White/Blue
Consistency Liquid
Container Type Can
Container Volume 1 Liquid Quart(US)
Dry Time 20 minutes @ 77 Deg F
Hardener Included Yes
Material Polyester Resin
Paint Time 45 Minute
Paintable Yes
Sand Time 20 Minute
Work Time 3 to 5 Minute