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3M™ Amber Lens Repair Tape, 03442, 1.875 in x 60 in

3M™ Amber Lens Repair Tape, 03442, 1.875 in x 60 in
UPC#: 0-51131-03442-63M ID: 60455056857
Product Details


  • Flexible film repairs flat or curved truck and car tail lights and signal lights
  • Weatherproof and airtight seal helps block rain, snow and dirt
  • Quick and easy to use repair film is less expensive than replacement tail lights


Designed for the temporary repairs of broken or cracked taillights, parking lights and side directional lights. Available in red and amber.

Extended Description

3M High-Strength Lens Repair Film fixes broken car and truck tail lights, signal lights, and other automotive lenses. The strong adhesive backing repairs cracked and broken tail lights with a weatherproof and airtight seal, helping prevent further damage to the lens interior and electrical components. The flexible plastic adheres easily to flat or curved lens surfaces on either rear lights or turn signals. For quick and easy repairs, simply cut the film to size, remove the adhesive liner, and apply to the broken automotive light lens. This simple solution provides a semi-permanent lens repair that is less expensive than replacement taillights or turn signal lenses.

Length 60 Inch
Width 1.875 Inch