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3M™ No Cleanup Applicator Gun, 08801

3M™ No Cleanup Applicator Gun, 08801
UPC#: 0-51135-08801-23M ID: 60980016996
Product Details


One piece metal applicator gun designed for use with all No Cleanup products. Requires no cleaning. Refer to individual No Cleanup products for proper air pressures. Requires the use of No Cleanup Replacement Nozzle 08966.

The coatings that require this applicator gun are 3M™ Automix™ No Cleanup Water based Bumper Coating 08247, 3M™ No Cleanup Rocker Guard 08949, 3M™ No Cleanup Water based Undercoating 08804 and 3M™ No Cleanup High Coverage Body Schutz. Each case of product is supplied with 6 nozzles.