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3M™ Sound Reduction Mat, 38500, 19-11/16 in x 19-11/16 in

UPC#: 0-51131-38500-9 3M ID: 60455068852
Price: $18.99
Features and Benefits:
  • Conformable mat quiets noise around trunks, door panels, hoods, floor pans and more
  • Self-adhesive material is easy to install without any special tools
  • Multi-purpose sound deadening mat reduces road noise, sound system vibrations, and rattles
  • Easy-to-cut material fits easily around a variety of areas and shapes
  • Center perforation allows easy door panel installation

3M™ Sound Reduction Mat suppresses road noise, sound system vibrations, rattles, and other distracting sounds. Installing this sound deadening pad makes a car or truck more pleasant to ride in by helping block noise for a quieter ride. This mat may be used as a replacement for factory installed sound deadening pads or as newly installed sound reduction pad. Self-adhesive material is easy to install on bare, primed, or painted metal surfaces. Easy-to-cut material may be applied to vehicle floor pans, engine compartments, hoods, deck lids, inside doors, and on body panels. Road tested to the high standards of the European market, this mat fits easily around a variety of shapes and has a center perforation for easy installation. Sound reduction pad only requires simple household tools such as a scissors for installation.

Installation is an easy 6-step process:

  1. Prepare area by removing any carpeting, lining, and/or panels to expose metal substrate.

  2. Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and let dry and ensure surface is free of oil, dust, and debris.

  3. Using standard household scissors cut the 3M™ Sound Reduction Mat to fit the size of the desired area.

  4. Peel and discard the yellow liner off the back of the mat.

  5. Using even pressure, carefully conform and firmly apply to the surface. If additional conformity is needed, use a heat gun or blow dryer to heat the mat to 95?F (35?C) to 115?F (46?C).

  6. Return panels, carpeting, or lining to original position.