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3M™ TB Quat Disinfectant Ready-to-Use Cleaner, Quart

3M™ TB Quat Disinfectant Ready-to-Use Cleaner, Quart
UPC#: 0-48011-29612-33M ID: 70071593175
Case / 12 Quarts
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Rinse-free, EPA-registered disinfectant formula disinfects and cleans hard, nonporous surfaces. Effective against TB, HBV, HIV-1, MRSA, VRE and other pathogens. Complies with OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogen Standard for disinfecting surfaces soiled with blood or other potentially infectious body fluids. Pleasant lemon fragrance; extended 1-year shelf life.

3M™ TB Quat Disinfectant Cleaner is a ready-to-use Cleaner, Deodorizer, Disinfectant, Virucide, Tuberculocide, Mildewstat, and Fungicide. This product contains 2100 ppm of active germicide making it highly effective against a broad-spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, antibiotic resistant bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew.