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3M™ Polyurethane Sealant 540 Gray, 600 mL Sausage Pack

3M™ Polyurethane Sealant 540 Gray, 600 mL Sausage Pack
UPC#: 0-21200-56562-53M ID: 62548539311

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Please note that this item is for industrial / professional use ONLY. Consumer, household or retail use is not permitted.

Case / 12 Packs
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3M™ Polyurethane Sealant 540 is a one component, moisture curing product which forms permanently elastic bonds.

Adheres to a wide variety of materials including plastics, FRP, SMC, aluminum, steel, coated metal, and wood.

Application Method Hand or pressure caulk
Color Gray
Color Dry Film Gray
Consistency Medium paste
Container Volume 600 Millilitre
Cure Rate >3 mm/24 hr
Elongation 600 Percent
Hardness 40 Shore A
Modulus At 100% 58 Pound-Force Per Square Inch
Product Form Package
Skin Time 60 - 90 Minute
Solids Weight Percent (approximate) 90 Percent
Tack Free Time 1 Hour
Tensile Strength 250 Pound-Force Per Square Inch
Volatile Organic Compounds (vocs) 53.7 Grams Per Litre