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3M™ Hi-Strength 94 ET Spray Adhesive Red Low VOC, 24 fl oz (net wt 19.8 oz)

UPC#: 0-51111-97978-5 3M ID: 62487349300
Price: $308.16
Case/ 12 Cans
Features and Benefits:
  • Long open time, low VOC <20%
  • Meets CARB / OTC VOC Requirements;
  • Helps contribute to LEED® credits
  • Markets: Woodworking, furniture, specialty vehicles and marine
  • Applications: Gluing, spraying, sticking, carpet bonding, metal bonding, melamine bonding, edge banding, woodworking, adhering, laminating and attaching rubber

3M™ Hi-Strength 94 ET Spray Adhesive is a high performance, industrial grade spray adhesive with a unique low telegraphing pebble spray pattern.

Creates high strength bonds to a variety of demanding substrates like decorative laminate, metal, and some rubbers. Typically used in woodworking and specialty vehicle applications, especially where VOC`s are a concern. It is specifically designed for decorative laminate bonding. Meets CARB / OTC VOC requirements; Helps contribute to LEED® credits. Packaged in an aerosol can for an easy to use, maintenance free delivery system.