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3M™ Fire Barrier Cast-in Device 3MCID for Metal Pipes, 3 in

3M™ Fire Barrier Cast-in Device 3MCID for Metal Pipes, 3 in
UPC#: 0-51115-16541-23M ID: 98040054284
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Intumescent device that firestops 3-inch (76.2 mm) metallic penetrations through fire-rated concrete floor assemblies. The device is installed by attaching directly to the form before a concrete slab is poured. Creates an opening through which mechanical, electrical or plumbing penetrants can be routed after the slab is cured and forms are removed. Provides up to 3-hour fire protection.

Extended Description

The device is installed prior to the concrete pour creating a firestop sleeve through which a 3" penetrant (e.g. metal pipe) may be passed. Helps prevent the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gas through the penetration opening.

3M™ Fire Barrier Cast-In Devices can be used with the following accessories: 3M™ Fire Barrier Cast-In Metal Deck Adaptor to accommodate fluted metal decks, 3M™ Fire Barrier Cast-In Device Height Adaptor to accommodate up to 12 in. (304.8 mm) concrete thickness, 3M™ Fire Barrier Cast-In Aerator Adaptor for aerator systems (use only with 4 in. 3M™ Fire Barrier Cast-In Devices), and 3M™ Fire Barrier Cast-In Tub Box Assembly to create a void for plumbing access (for use only with 2 in. metallic (50.8 mm) 3M™ Fire Barrier Cast-In Devices).

Color Red
Pipe Size 3 Inch
Size 3 in