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3M™ Intrinsically Safe NiCd Battery Pack, BP-17IS

UPC#: 0-51131-91723-1 3M ID: 70071094828
Price: $413.59
Battery Pack

For use with the 3M™ Breathe Easy™ Turbo Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Assembly 520-17-00, Breathe Easy™ Turbo PAPR Unit 022-00-03R01 and the 3M™ Powerflow™ Face-Mounted PAPR System. NIOSH approved with A, AE, E, K, P3 cartridges only.

Extended Description

This intrinsically safe, rechargeable nickel cadmium (NiCd) battery pack can only be used with certain 3M™ Cartridges and Filters.

For the 3M™ Breathe Easy™ System, choose one of the following cartridges/filter:

  • 3M™ Organic Vapor Cartridge 456-00-01R06, A
  • 3M™ Formaldehyde/Chlorine/Hydrogen Chloride/Sulfur Dioxide Cartridge 456-02-01R06, E
  • 3M™ Ammonia/Methylamine Cartridge 456-01-01R06, K
  • 3M™ Organic Vapor/Chlorine/Hydrogen Chloride/Sulfur Dioxide Cartridge 456-03-01R06, AE
  • 3M™ High Efficiency Cartridge 450-00-01R12, P3

For the 3M™ Powerflow PAPR System:

  • 3M™ High Efficiency Filter 450-01-01R20, SP3

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Product Details
Intrinsically Safe
Powered Air Purifying Respirator (papr) Systems
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